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Why should you say bye-bye to paper based board meetings

In the fast-paced digital era of today, it is extremely crucial to keep pace with the latest way of handling corporate governance, so that the organization remains relevant and a competitive player in the market. There are many advantages to getting on the automation bandwagon: It is secure: Unlike a paper bound meeting docket which […]

How to vet your Board Portal Software Vendor?

Corporates are increasingly becoming dependent on various software solutions in order to remain competitive and efficient in today’s highly automated world. Board portal software is one such software which has become an integral part of many corporates around the world. This software is very essential to ensure that the company is able to perform board […]

How board portal system is helping indian corporates

The notification issued in March 2014 by Companies Act 2013, made it compulsory for the listed and non-listed Limited Indian Companies to adhere to Governance and Compliance in their routine functioning. From being a voluntary element, these two became necessary for companies. This meant that the company has to adhere to all regulations laid down […]