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‘Continuous’ board governance support including
Paperless Board meetings software

BoardEye helps Directors keep an eye on all their board related activities, all the time, from wherever in the world they are!
BoardEye helps the CS enable the board to do so, in the most comfortable manner possible…
The Directors’ interface is designed to make it intuitively easy to use for senior directors, with minimal new learning requirements. For the company secretary too, it is a time-saver as it allows the creation and modification of various versions of the Agenda and MoMs and also supports the CS keep track of legal compliances and enable the Board to keep track of their committee and board meeting decisions.
good governance practices
It is an intelligent tool with a perfect blend of a deep understanding of Board processes and the ability to control and grant privileged access only to authorized people.
BoardEye is a user-friendly platform to enable the Directors and CS to view Notices, Agendas, and Minutes and gain control of the decisions in an elegant and easy-to-read format for higher data-and-interaction security. The Directors’ device of choice is the popular iPad for better and more secure data access. Of course, BoardEye provides access through a Web interface from Windows & Android devices too.
BoardEye is a secure framework that implements the top 10 OWASP recommendations and exercises verified “Secure Tokens.” It has specially designed display controls that confirm data access to authorized users.
The Collaborative Communication Portal uses a Security First approach through data encryption platform to ensure data security during transport, storage, and display.

How does BoardEye provide ‘continuous’ board governance support?

Typically, between board meetings, there is complete silence between the company, board members, and between the Directors themselves. Such governance, witnessed primarily at periodic meetings, can best be called ‘Periodic Governance’. Today, however, Directors must be in sync with the company activities and practice ‘Continuous Governance’.
To conform to Continuous and Good governance, BoardEye helps the CS seamlessly report on all the decisions taken by the board (or its committees) instantly rather than waiting for the event of a board or committee meeting. The CS reports to Directors through Action Taken Reports (ATRs) posted on BoardEye – providing ‘continuous’ updates, even between meetings.

Why should you choose BoardEye?

Company Secretaries (CS) Directors
Empowers the Company Secretary to support the board efficiently and focuses on Meeting Activity Management and the Management of related information.
Allows Directors to highlight or mark portions of text, bookmark pages, write notes for personal reminders, and share comments with and from Directors and with the CS in a secure and private mode.
Helps the CS systematically and consistently maintain track of legal compliance throughout the year, with a pictorial representation and up-to-date compliance status reporting.
Provides a Summary view of all the notes and changes made by the Director during her reading across the entire contents of the documents being read.
Complies with Secretarial Standards 1 and 2.
Offers Directors access to historical information and all documents pertinent to the company.
Provides automated notifications & gentle reminders for better Director responses with less effort.
Circular resolutions are not secret resolutions. BoardEye enables directors to react to Circular resolutions, in a manner akin to an open boardroom situation.
Maintains record of all past decisions in an easy to access manner to help recall how earlier decisions were taken.
‘Continuous’ information flow provides Directors access to updates on execution track of board and committee decisions as well as legal compliances.