About Axar Digital Services Pvt Ltd

Governance is the key requirement for top managements of organizations. Governance means ensuring that the interests of the stake-holders is appropriately taken care of. Axar ensures that Corporate Governance remains the primary focus of all its solutions and its products help the clients to take care of the following primary stakeholder groups –

  • Shareholders – those who brought the company into existence
  • Customers – those who are the reason for the company’s existence
  • Employees – those who ensure that the company stays in existence, grows and provides increasing happiness to all stakeholders

Axar also ensures that businesses efficiently fulfil their responsibility towards the secondary stakeholder groups:

  • Regulators– who have to ensure that all companies and other business can co-exist in a mutually conducive environment.
  • Society– others (including individuals) who have no control over the company’s fortunes, but who can become potential customers, and in whose existence is the success, happiness and peace of the company and its primary stakeholders.

Axar has worked with various professional and statutory bodies like Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and Reserve Bank Of India.Axar was responsible for setting up & running ICSI for to serve company secretaries.

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