Axar Digital Services Pvt Ltd


Devdutta B. (Sunil) Modak


Chairman and Co-founder

Mr Devdutta B (Sunil) Modak qualified as a Chartered Accountant in May 1981. He obtained a Post-Graduate Diploma in Business Management from IIM Ahmedabad in 1984. Soon after, in 1986 he began his entrepreneurial journey.
He is a serial entrepreneur. He was among the first software entrepreneurs to venture into development of software products and licensing. He began with the development of India’s first law information database and also law information access service, which in its heyday served thousands of CAs, Lawyers and CS’ both in employment and in practice, both in private and public enterprises, and also in law enforcement and justice delivery.
Currently, he is the chairman of Axar Digital Services Pvt Ltd with a focus on governance and compliance solutions. Starting from May 2020, together with Mr Makarand M Joshi, he conducted 21 webinars on SEBI PIT Compliance. He writes and speaks on governance, compliance, the impact of technology, water resources, Health care, futuristics, and other subjects in different fora. His passion and focus is helping mid-sized corporations achieve ‘continuous’ board governance and conduct product board evaluations through Axar’s BoardEye and BoardGauge solutions.