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Software support for Self & Peer Evaluation by Boards

Under Companies Act, 2013 (Secs 134 (3) & 178 (2)) and SEBI LODR (Ch IV Regs 17(10) & 25(3))
the Board of Directors of all listed companies & other companies with paid-up capital of more than Rs 25 Cr must conduct a peer evaluation at least once a year.
Board Evaluation is a vital software tool to help boards recalibrate themselves. It is not just a legal requirement but also an experiential learning process for boards, especially when properly designed and executed involving a trusted external facilitator. Board Evaluation ensures that the board becomes aware of its ‘pros/goods’ and ‘cons/bads.’
Being appraised by one’s brethren serving on the same board is a wake-up call to ensure the board takes all the necessary steps to bring itself to the level of effectiveness and efficiency it desires from itself.
BoardGauge helps Board Members evaluate themselves, with or without a Facilitator, with the following perspectives

As Director

As a member of specific committee/s

As Chairperson of the Board

As Committee/s of the Board

The Board as a Whole

BoardGauge motivates Directors to honestly share views on all the above parameters with much greater confidentiality, especially when interacting with a trusted external facilitator, who is experienced and impervious to pressure. Disclosure of their thoughts within the company with a senior KMP of the same company is likely to be sub-optimal.
Also, BoardGauge provides a set of indicators that enable a comparison of performances of the current year to last year.

Why should you choose BoardGauge?

BoardGauge is installed on a server with security infrastructure provided by Axar or hosted by the client. No one from Axar has access to a client instance. To maintain data confidentiality, only the Facilitator and individual board members have access as necessary for their roles. The questionnaire data, their responses, and the emerging analysis are encrypted, both at rest and in transit.
To help BoardGauge clients, Axar is organizing a Panel of Facilitators who are both experienced and competent in board matters to ensure the most effective and efficient facilitation support.
Check out our White Paper on the Advisability of having an External Facilitator.