career at Axar why-insiderlens InsiderLens LCo Attention PCS’! BSE & NSE need listed entity CO’s SDD Compliance Certificate, quarterly.
Your listed-company audit clients, must create and maintain an SDD regularly.
Even if they haven’t done it in the past, they need to do it in future!
For your PCS firm to create it’s own SDD, as the regulation requires,
Axar offers InsiderLens IFCo, for Fiduciaries & Intermediaries
All you need to do – email us at
Let us mutually benefit – by helping your clients fully and properly comply with
SEBI PIT Regulations, using Axar’s InsiderLens LCo
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InsiderLens LCo, from Axar Digital Services, is The Solution for your clients.
Across the country, across business verticals, across turnover ranges
Comprehensive, audited by Independent PCS’, competitive
Slide 45th months since SDD (Structured Digital Database) is Mandatory SEBI’s PIT Regulations, 2015, made SDD mandatory from April 1, 2019. SDD must be on server owned by company, operated only by company staff,on a Need-to-Know basis. Not yet done this? Act now! Outsourcing the solution as service is not compliance. Internally developed solutions very likely less than adequate or up-to-date. InsiderLens – increasingly implemented by large & small, private &
Public Sector companies country-wide!
InsiderLens is – we believe – India’s best solution for PIT compliance!
Implementation delay will likely be a penalty or at least warning. Shortcuts or falsehoods will almost certainly result in much harsher outcomes.
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Axar Digital Services Private Limited exists to help businesses understand the importance of compliance and take charge of it through its elegant, end-to-end software for compliance management.

In a nutshell, our goal is to help businesses look at the broader picture. We help them go beyond their bottom line and realise their true beauty and purpose.

We are a perfect fit for businesses that are looking beyond merely adhering to the law, and are keen on creating, and contributing to a culture of good governance. We align with stakeholders to help mitigate risk and do so in an environmentally sustainable way.


Easy to use & time-saving

Axar’s solutions are user-friendly. They integrate seamlessly into your workflow, saving you time.

Sustainable & cost-effective

Axar helps you track everything digitally, making it sustainable. It’s also a cost-effective solution requiring minimal investment.

Offers 100% compliance

Axar ensures that you comply with all applicable laws and regulations, in full measure.

Mitigates financial risk

Comprehensive, swift compliance helps you curtail enquiries and penalties associated with non-compliance.

Axar's Products

Paperless meeting management and board governance software
Ensure 100% compliance with SEBI’s PIT regulations


Why you should choose Axar

Easy setup

We know your time is precious, so we install our software in as little time as 1 day!

Advanced security

We encrypt data, offer role-based access, multiple privacy control options and never access your information

Comprehensive support

We install updates seamlessly, with 0 downtime, and offer quick resolution for your support requests

Unbeatable experience

With 10 years of experience in aiding clients with compliance and good governance, we’re the best in the business


The KPIT Board of Directors have been using BoardEye as pre-read tool for Agenda, Notes to agenda and Presentations for over 3 years now. Although, most of our Directors are using BoardEye on iPad, it is also compatible and running smoothly on Windows and Android. We have found this software user friendly and would also like to appreciate Axar Team for their “Ready to Help” attitude to all the Directors whenever needed and even on short notice. All the statutory timelines with respect to Board Meetings are included in BoardEye and can be referred at any time. BoardEye also takes care of data security concern and maintains secrecy for all the documents uploaded through this application. BoardEye definitely provides great return on investment year on year. One, who intends to digitize their board processes definitely can consider Axar Digital‘s BoardEye.

Best wishes to BoardEye team and Axar Digital for their endeavour !!!
CS Nida Deshpande
Company Secretary & Compliance Officer,
KPIT Technologies Limited