Legilens- Company Secretarial Software

Legilens is a complete Secretarial Compliance & Office Management system which helps the CS manage secretarial activities of not just one but all group companies. LegiLens helps to keep pace with new notifications and guidelines and constantly changing regulations issued under the Companies Act 2013 by Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) or by the Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), and mandatory guidelines issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI). Timely reminders and alerts combined with chapter-wise and event-wise section compliances removes the word ‘non-compliance’ from your dictionary! Help in monitoring all your team members’ activities ensures that you have complete oversight on the entire Secretarial Office.

Compliance Coverage

  • Companies Act 2013: Chapters I to XIII
  • SEBI Regulations
  • LODR – first 64 regulations pertinent to all general companies, and going forward
  • Selected portion of Insider Trading
  • Selected portion of Buyback
  • Selected portion of ICDR
  • Secretarial Standards 1, 2 and 3

Ensuring Compliance

Compliance alert system:

  • Calculates compliance dates with respect to event trigger date
  • Today’s
  • This week’s
  • This month’s
  • Allows setting up of compliance deadline alerts
  • Sends timely reminders to assigned personnel
  • Tasks assignments to individual team members
  • Provides for Plan B – In case of emergency a task can be assigned to another person
  • Task tracking system allows monitoring of time-bound tasks assigned to individual team members
  • Event-wise section compliance facilitates systematic tracking of different events and activities like AGM, Issue of Share Capital, Appointment of Director etc.
  • The compliance Calendar feature supports time-based compliance requirements
  • Graphical Status view enables the CS to stay continuously on top of the situation, all the time
  • Updation Service provided by Axar’s Secretarial team to update new notifications issued by MCA or SEBI helps the CS fulfil compliance requirements in a timely manner with utmost efficiency and accuracy.

E-Statutory Registers

  • Creation and maintenance of required data in 15 electronic statutory registers, viz.
  • Register of Directors & KMPs
  • Register of Contracts and Arrangements (MBP-4)
  • Register of Investments not held in its own name by the Company (MBP-3)
  • Register of Deposits
  • Register of Debenture-holders (MGT-2)
  • Register of loans, guarantees, (MGT 2)
  • The “maker-checker” flow helps the CS in tracking all changes in the data to ensure accountability, accuracy and reliability
  • Easy import of data from, and export of data to Excel avoids duplication of work done.
  • The platform supports integration with Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

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