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Listen to the music of the leaves….

June 4, 2023
“Listen to the sound of the leaves. Listen to the sound of the Ganga’s water. Now, relax. Slowly inhale and exhale. Your breath is your existence. As you slowly watch your breath, imagine you are losing control over your body, imagine you are floating in the air and the clouds are your bed,” young Kanakshriya is introducing us to a state of ‘Yog Nidra’.
A little later she brings us back to control over our bodies, on the bank of the Ganga, next to a small glen of trees. The white and grey clouds above, promise rain… exactly like they have already delivered somewhere close by.
The wind and the leaves combine to create a uniquely soothing sound, almost music, that I will never forget as the peaceful introduction to a spell of calm and soothing introspection.
This was on the morning of Ganga Dasara, Tuesday, May 30, 2023, in Haridwar.
Later that day, we enjoyed another engaging experience, when we discussed the concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), as Bhutan has introduced to the world. We are lucky to meet and hear the story from Dr Saamdu Chetri, one of the ‘gardeners or advocates’ of the mechanism for measuring GNH. As he explains it, they don’t really measure Happiness. They don’t really believe Happiness is uniform or can actually be measured. They measure the conditionalities that can lead to the creation of happiness among people.
Soon after we leave Dr Chetri, I am again back to thinking about my present, usual concern, which is – how do we ensure Good Corporate Governance?
Our software solutions and our panel of Facilitators are only the first step.
We do need to think more, and more deeply, about how we can bring about good governance in the large majority of corporate enterprises, beginning with the listed entities whom we serve.
Can we help their Directors discover some of the steps / actions, that will create the conditionalities to bring about good governance in the enterprises they lead (and why they need to take them)?
This need not be some old parable from the Buddha which is difficult to implement howsoever serene and profound it may sound. It must be a set of practical steps they can take.
Glimmerings of thoughts are rising up, from the background of the churning in my head! And I need to share them with my friends – Prof Ashok Korwar and Dr Ganesh Natarajan – when we meet on June 7, 2023.
Then, hopefully, these thoughts would be clearer… clear enough to become something worth sharing with you all!
For now, suffice to say that the sound of the leaves and of the flowing Ganga, is enabling me to find a calm, that can lead me to more clarity in my thinking!
Find that calm my friends…listen to the leaves…. You may discover what you need to do and more, or as importantly, why…
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