Board Eye -Paperless Board Meetings Software

Axar Digital provides paperless board meetings software for simplifying board meetings and routine tasks associated with meeting development.

The basic infrastructure of BoardEye software is based on Meeting Activity Management and Management of Information related to it. Going beyond, however, BoardEye supports the Board, in its governance role by tracking legal compliance and Board decisions.

The key features of BoardEye are :

BoardEye Enables Meetings Management

iPad application enables viewing of Notices, Agendas and Minutes in an elegant and easy-to-read format, for higher data and interaction security

Web-interface for access from Windows & Android devices

Creation and modification of various versions of the Agenda and MOMs possible

Board meeting preparation assistance :

  • Highlighting or marking portions of text
  • Bookmarking particular pages
  • Writing notes for personal reminders
  • Sharing comments with and from Directors and with the CS, in a secure and private mode
  • Summary view across entire document Voting on Circular Resolutions akin to open boardroom situation

Actions Tracking for Board Governance Support

Action Taken Reports (ATRs) – Tracking execution of Board or Committee decisions, with status reporting by the CS on a continuous basis rather than only at each board / committee meeting

Systematic continuous tracking of legal compliances throughout the year. Pictorial representation and continuous reporting of compliance status.

Data and Interaction Security

Provides a secure communication platform between Board of Directors and the CS in a collaborative manner!

‘Security First approach’ through encrypted platform providing data security:

  • During transport
  • In storage and
  • At display
  • The software uses top 10 OWASP recommendation
  • Use of verified ‘Secure Tokens’
  • Specially designed display controls to ensure data access to authorised users only

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