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Why should you say bye-bye to paper based board meetings

In the fast-paced digital era of today, it is extremely crucial to keep pace with the latest way of handling corporate governance, so that the organization remains relevant and a competitive player in the market. There are many advantages to getting on the automation bandwagon:

It is secure: Unlike a paper bound meeting docket which is likely to get misplaced or stolen, an e-document stored on a laptop, mobile or tablet is more secure as the data is password protected. The encrypted data can be accessed only authorized login credentials. Therefore, even if a mobile or any other handheld gadget gets misplaced or stolen, the confidential information about meetings cannot be accessed without having the security credentials.

Enables swift communication: Paper takes a longer time to reach from one person to another, in case of different geographical location this timeline could be a couple of days.  But a document shared on a digital platform through a board portal software can reach the intended person within a second,

Saving of natural resources: 12 trees are felled to make one ton of 100% non-recycled paper. Every board meeting docket could consist of has fifty to hundred or even number of papers and depending on the number of participants in a board meeting, the total quantity of paper being used per meeting could go into thousands. The number of meetings being conducted every year and every month is constantly rising. Therefore, the number of trees being pulled down every year for making paper is mind-boggling. By shifting on a board portal software, corporates can prevent large-scale deforestation.

Freedom of time: With board portal software, directors who are at a different location can be connected through video conferencing. They can view presentations and be an active part of a board meeting from any location of the world. 

Automation and online technology have removed many obstacles that a paper-based meeting system poses. Everything is being done efficiently, effortlessly and swiftly through the digital platform. The above reasons can summarise the reasons why a company still conducting paper-based meetings needs to move on to technology and install a board portal software.

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