InsiderLens IT Requirement

Criteria Details
Application Name InsiderLens LCo
Server will be Hosted On-Premises (Yes/No) Yes
Operating System Windows 2012 R2 or later
Disk / Partition Details (Mentioned the size required in GB) Minimum C Drive @120 GB & Data Drive D partition with @180 GB of usable space.
Processor Cores (CPU) 4 cores(Physical CPU), 8 cores Logical CPU in case of Virtual Server
RAM Size (GB) 8 GB minimum and 16 GB recommended
Database Details (Mentioned the version of DB required) Recommended is : MS SQL Express edition, if on same server. It can be other (higher) editions of MS SQL servers hosted on another machine.
Database Size Depends upon usage. (MS SQL Express edition max size limit is 10 GB of database size.)
SMTP Required (Yes/No) Yes. Need one email address to be configured in the system to send the email alerts. We also need to configure Email ID with SMTP Server name, IP address, SMTP Port, SMTP credentials.
Web Application (Yes/No) Yes
Web Application Version (IIS, Apache etc) IIS 10 is preferred.
Will WebApp make use of HTTPS (Yes/No) Yes. It can work with both http and https. We recommend https. Customer needs to obtain their own SSL.
TLS protocol used by Web App (Mentioned TLS version) It supports TLS 1.2