All gave some, some gave all!

Recently, I spent three days among Army-men in a cantonment in North India, meeting old friends, either retired or serving Army officers, one of them a serving Lieutenant General. Lt Gen Jagjit Singh Arora, a key architect of our victory in 1971, was one of my heroes as a 14-year-old. I remember meeting General Arora […]

How board portal system is helping indian corporates

The notification issued in March 2014 by Companies Act 2013, made it compulsory for the listed and non-listed Limited Indian Companies to adhere to Governance and Compliance in their routine functioning. From being a voluntary element, these two became necessary for companies. This meant that the company has to adhere to all regulations laid down […]

Broken windows approach to good governance

Doing the right thing, always! This is the motto of a firm of Company Secretaries, which sees Company Secretaries as governance professionals, not just compliance officers. The motto describes ‘Good governance’ – succinct, simple to understand. The difficulty is not in understanding. It is in the implementation. In Marathi, they say – kallta aahe pun […]

Business, the fifth estate, must provide leadership

The last two weeks have been filled with the JNU event and its aftermath. From students to lawyers and judges, lots of opinions have been expressed in the press and social media. In addition, presspersons, members of the ‘intelligentsia’ and politicians have of course opined. The uniformed services to have voiced opinions in anguish rarely […]

The Union Budget, Governance & Sex

Yesterday, at a Panel discussion organized by the Pune International Centre, Dr. Ajit Ranade, Economic Advisor to the AV Birla Group, who moderated the discussion, remarked on the fact that three economists actually were agreeing on their assessment of the Budget as a ‘Good Budget’. The speakers were Dr. Rathin Roy, Director, National Institute of […]

Governance must begin with Government!

‘Rs 1.14 lakh crore NPAs’. This daily refrain on Indian banks is a cause for widespread concern and reduction of business confidence. Is this a result of unfortunate errors of commission and omission, or a failure of governance, of the Boards of Directors of most public sector banks? Examples of Governance failure abound and silence […]

Eternal Vigilance – Governance and Risk Management

Recently an Indian garment exporter (IGE) lost a US client worth almost $100 million. Over a 4-5 day period, the stock found its new level – 45% below its price a week back. 2 other US clients are now reviewing their relationship with this company. How did this happen? In a nutshell, IGE had committed […]

Not Today, and Not on my Watch! Motto for Independent (or all) Directors?

9th September 1965, Khemkaran Sector, the battle of Asal Uttar (Hindi for “True Response”) – a key turning point of that war with Pakistan. 18 Rajputana Rifles infantry regiment vs a whole battalion of Patton tanks of the Pakistan Army. 18 Rajuputana’s battle cry – Jai Mata Ki!! Not today and Not on my watch!! […]

The Age of Responsibility – Governance comes to the Fore

The 44th National Convention of Company Secretaries themed on “Corporate Governance”, opens day after tomorrow at Gandhinagar. Corporate Governance has been an area of focus of the Institute of Company Secretaries of India, for several years. The CS has moved from being a Compliance Professional to becoming a Governance Professional. The Companies Act 2013, and […]

Stop thinking, start acting!

Dr Meeran Chadha Borwankar’s article “Allure of Instant Justice” in the Indian Express of Friday, January 6th, is the source of the title of this blogpost. Analysis leading to paralysis is common. Most of us think a lot, talk a lot while metaphorically even wringing our hands and blaming everyone else but do very little, […]