Since notification of Companies Act 2013, in March 2014, both Governance & Compliance have become ‘must haves’. Earlier, they were at best ‘nice to have’ and at worst ‘a necessary evil’. Axar’s Board Information System (BiS) is the compleat governance & compliance solution, right from planning through execution for the Secretarial Office and the Board of Directors. BiS consists of two modules: BoardEye (paperless meeting management and board governance support) and LegiLens (secretarial office management and compliance support for Companies Act 2013 and SEBI regulations). LegiLens and BoardEye are web based applications designed to ensure information access anytime, anywhere. It is a communication and information portal installed on your company’s intranet or on your company’s cloud server. Any device with internet connectivity is all you need to access and to use the system. For Company Directors, BoardEye has also been designed to function as an elegant iPad app.

Excellent features

  • Smart GUI- making usage adoption very easy
  • Cloud, intranet versions available for access through any Internet connect device
  • Native i-pad application available
  • Web-version allows access from Android and Windows devices as well
  • Work on native Android and Windows versions will be completed soon
  • Specially designed for India specific compliances, including Secretarial Standard 1 requirements. Highly experienced core team with inspiration and guidance from leading CS’. The company is a pioneer in providing electronic Law information access and Knowledge Management Solutions to the Legal & Secretarial Community in India
  • The software aligns itself to required timelines and deliverables, and stays updated as they change
  • Our software sits on your server, so you have absolute control over your content

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