The notification issued in March 2014 by Companies Act 2013, made it compulsory for the listed and non-listed Limited Indian Companies to adhere to Governance and Compliance in their routine functioning. From being a voluntary element, these two became necessary for companies. This meant that the company has to adhere to all regulations laid down by competent authorities, requiring it to conduct its functioning in a specified manner. The gamut of this rule applies to conducting of the board and other meetings as well as the compliance fulfillment of the company as a whole.

Axar Digital’s Board Information System (BiS) is a complete Board Portal solution which addresses both these needs through BoardEye (paperless meeting management and board governance support) and LegiLens (secretarial office management and compliance support for Companies Act 2013 and SEBI regulations). Both these software products are web-based applications that are specifically designed to facilitate information access anywhere, anytime. While BoardEye is a very useful software solution for Directors who are occupying such important and responsible decision-making positions on the Boards of various companies; LegiLens, on the other hand, is a highly reliable tool for Company Secretaries who are entrusted with the mammoth task of fulfilling corporate compliance requirement by multiple authorities, simultaneously. 

Both products are designed to make the lives of Directors and Company Secretaries easy. They free this personnel from the task of physically scrutinizing heaps of documents and having to remember various compliances and deadlines. BoardEye helps the personnel to keep a track of meetings and the documentation involved for each meeting. LegiLens comes in as a very handy tool to track the new notifications pertaining to corporate compliances that are issued by different Governing authorities. It is not only helpful for a Company Secretary, but it also helps the Directors keep a track of the changes and equip them to make an informed decision in the interest of the company.

Both the software form a strong Board Portal Software system that provides information to the registered member on any computing system or on a handheld device like a mobile phone or a tablet. Since BoardEye and LegiLens are customizable, the companies can ask specific requirements to be adapted into the system to achieve desirable results. Since both software are installed on the client’s server, the fear of data theft through a third party server hosting is completely eliminated. Personnel can access both the software through any computing or handheld device. All they need is the installation of the software on their device and login credentials to access the system.

Here are some features that would quickly highlight the benefits in a gist:

  • Smart GUI enables easy adoption
  • Cloud, intranet versions make accessibility easy through any internet connected device
  • iPad app available
  • Web versions allow access to Android and Windows devices
  • Native Android and Windows versions will be available soon
  • The software aligns itself with required timelines and deliverables and shares updates as and when they come
  • Specially designed for India specific compliances, including Secretarial Standard 1 requirements.
  • We pioneer in providing electronic Law information access and Knowledge Management Solutions to the Legal & Secretarial Community in India