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Board of Directors Software

board of directors softwareAxar Digital Board of Directors Software that helps meeting administrators organize, collect and distribute documents to all meeting participants in the span of minutes. Nowadays Directors occupy a directorial position on the boards of many companies; simultaneously they also sit on the many sub-committees appointed by the boards. This means that they are a part of meetings happening every week at different locations of the country. Board of directors software comes to their rescue when it comes to managing the piles of files and documents related to each meeting.

Board of directors software makes it easy for them to access the documents pertaining to the various meeting by clubbing all documents into a virtual file, which can be accessed through a board meeting management software. They can travel from one meeting to another without having to worry about carrying multiple documents to each meeting. All they need is a laptop or a system of their own, or a tablet or mobile to access the meeting correspondence from any part of the world.

The BiS (Board Information System) software products by Axar Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. address the meeting management and compliance management system through its products BoardEye and LegiLens respectively. BoardEye is a board of directors software allowing Directors access to the documents from their computing system or mobile. All that is required to be done is to install the software on their system which can be accessed through a secure login id and password. The Directors can access the meeting documents related to various companies through BoardEye. Their data is absolutely safe and secure from data theft because the software is customized to the client requirements and is installed on the client end.

BoardEye is a systematic virtual tool that makes it easy for the Directors to access data pertaining to various meeting.

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