Assisting Board in Governance & Compliance

Board Meeting Management Software

Board Meeting Management Software

Axar Digital’s board meeting software enables boards to get ready for and hold the board meeting proficiently just as deal with the resulting development and finish. Board governance is arranged around a normal meeting cycle for boards. In spite of the fact that the meeting regularity is diverse for all boards.  It is the best board meeting software in India that provides paperless meeting solution.

How it helps

The software helps to view the agendas, meeting minutes, notices in a simple way that is easy to read format with security. The board meeting software provides the Board, support in its governance role. It tracks compliance with legal requirements as well as Board decisions. It can be easily accessed from Windows and Android devices.

Marking or highlighting portions of text and sharing comments with and from the director in a private and secure mode. BoardEye and the board meeting software helps with writing notes for personal reminders, bookmarking particular pages, summary view across the document. The main features of the software are Data and Interaction Security, Web-interface for access from Windows & Android devices, writing notes for personal reminders, Total Meetings Management Solution for Board & Committee meetings and Actions Tracking for Board Governance Support.

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