Assisting Board in Governance & Compliance

The number of board meetings that a company conducts today is far larger than the number of meetings that they used to conduct some years back. Some directors sit on the boards of multiple companies and additionally they also sit on various committees of every board, hence the number of meetings that they attend every year can be very huge. Board management software makes their lives easy by sorting out the documents related to multiple meetings in an easy and virtual manner.

Board management software in a way converts the documents of individual meeting in a virtual file which is saved under the umbrella folder of the respective companies. This systematic virtual tool makes it easy for them to access the data pertaining to a meeting of a particular company.

Axar Digital Services Pvt. Ltd. has a BiS system to address the meeting management and compliance management system through its products BoardEye and LegiLens respectively. BoardEye is a board management software that allows the board of directors freedom from carrying piles of documents to every meeting. They can just carry their computing system or tablet and access all documents related to a particular meeting very effortlessly. This software allows the directors to make virtual remarks for their own reference as well as leave special remarks for other directors or company secretary. The software sits on the client’s server, hence it is absolutely safe and secure in terms of data theft.

Board meeting software are a great blessing for Directors who occupy directorial positions in different companies and in different sub-committees