Assisting Board in Governance & Compliance

Board Information System (BIS)

Since notification of Companies Act 2013, in March 2014, both Governance & Compliance have become ‘must haves’. Earlier, they were at best ‘nice to have’ and at worst ‘a necessary evil’. Axar’s Board Information System (BiS) is the compleat governance & compliance solution, right from planning through execution for the Secretarial Office and the Board of Directors. BiS consists of two modules: BoardEye (paperless meeting management and board governance support) and LegiLens (secretarial office management and compliance support for Companies Act 2013 and SEBI regulations). Read More

The basic infrastructure of BoardEye software is based on Meeting Activity Management and Management of Information related to it. Going beyond, however, BoardEye provides the Board, support in its governance role by tracking compliance with legal requirements as well as Board decisions. The key features of BoardEye are as follows: Total Meetings Management Solution for Board & Committee meetings, o Web-interface for access from Windows & Android devices, Actions Tracking for Board Governance Support,Writing notes for personal reminders, Data and Interaction Security.

LegiLens is a compleat Secretarial Compliance & Office Management system which helps the CS manage secretarial activities of not just one but all group companies. LegiLens helps to keep pace with new notifications and guidelines and constantly changing regulations issued under the Companies Act 2013 by Ministry of Corporate Affairs or by the Securities Exchange Board of India, and mandatory guidelines issued by the Institute of Company Secretaries of India. Timely reminders and alerts combined with chapter-wise and event-wise section compliances removes the word ‘non-compliance’ from your dictionary!


– Board Governance

  • Total Meetings Management Solution for Board & Committee meetings
  • Web-interface for access from Windows & Android devices
  • Creation and modification of various versions of the Agenda and MOMs possible
  • Voting on Circular Resolutions akin to open boardroom situation
  • Actions Tracking for Board Governance Support.
  • Data and Interaction Security
  • Use of verified ‘Secure Tokens’
  • Specially designed display controls to ensure data access to authorised users only
  • ‘Security First approach’ through encrypted platform providing data security


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– Secretarial Management

  • Compliance Coverage
  • i-pad version available
  • Ensuring Compliance
  • Compliance alert system
  • Allows setting up of compliance deadline alerts.
  • Sends timely reminders to assigned personnel
  • Tasks assignments to individual team members
  • Provides for Plan B – In case of emergency a task can be assigned to another person
  • Compliance Calendar feature supports time-based compliance requirements


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How do we handle your Data Security?

Accurate and updated information is “valuable” but in wrong hands it is “costly”. Hence, we have designed BiS implementing the best security measures for internal as well as external threats.

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How do we Deliver?

Time saving is of vital importance for KMPs – that reflects in our delivery model!

LegiLens and BoardEye are web based applications designed to keep you accessible and well informed anytime-anywhere. BiS, a communication and information portal, is installed on your company’s intranet- or a cloud-server procured by your company. A laptop PC or an iPad with internet connectivity is all you need to access and use the system. BoardEye is also designed as an iPad app adding to its user friendliness.